Organic Machine Cloning

What is an organic machine?

What is cloning?

What constitutes a human organic machine?
What differentiates a human organic machine from any other (somewhat arbitrarily defined) organic machine? Awareness of self? Does this mean anencephalic babies are not human organic machines? A Really Smart Rat is a human organic machine (or for that matter, a Self Aware [inorganic machine] Computer)? [how many angels can dance of the head of the legendary pin?]

What is genome merging?

  1. The expected way via existing "natural" methods. The natural monkey.
    (m/f sexual, bacteria/plasmids, "naturally" occurring parthenogenesis)
  2. Sterile results, existing "natural" methods-- monkeys encouraging 'miscegenation'
    sheep<->goats, {horse,donkey,zebra,...}, etc.
  3. Those infernal monkeys, monkeying with Creation.
    chimerae, monkeys pushing parthenogenesis and cloning (they aren't the same...)
  4. More infernal machinations via monkeydom.
    spreading genetics around-- what is a 'human' anyway? Mixing small pieces within the genomic space-- a slippery slope.
  5. The monkey supernal.
    Merging the genome. Comments on mitochondrial DNA.
  6. Beyond the monkey.
    Extending the genome. Hybrids (Brother Assassin, organo/inorgano variants, etc.) (ref: also Borgfellas [need anchor link])
    Uplift (aka Brin et al)
    Discontinuity. Catastrophe. The Amish monkey and the fond owner (ref: Farewell the Master)
Current Techniques in Organic Machine Cloning